2010 Legal Consultations Order

Use of Paralegal Support for the External Practice of Law This page lists the advisory opinions of the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) (formerly «External Opinions») from 2010 to the present. It also contains most opinions issued after the year 2000 and some before that date. Please note that these opinions may be modified or replaced by subsequent opinions or changes to the law or regulations. If you have any questions about the OLA`s views, please contact Stefanie Davis, Senior Associate General Counsel for Rules and Ethics (sdavis@lsc.gov). Solicitors` privilege and access to recipient client names, problem codes, and service descriptions Meaning of «intentionally identify» in 45 CFR 1608.4(a). Inability of a state or local judge to override the Executive Director`s decision on external legal practice or to circumvent related LSC regulations Definition of family unit for the purposes of client eligibility 1611 Political activities prohibited under section 45 C.F.R. Part 1608 Eligibility of Fundraising Lobbying Activities of Fellows for Fellows under Part 1612 Financial Eligibility and Income For Purposes to foster children in (45 C.F.R. Part 1611) Parts 1611 and 1626 Financial and foreign eligibility requirements for application to the Violence against Women Act Requested Funds Exemption from income eligibility guidelines for national reservists Collection of lawyers` fees in the event of social security disability [R]Egarding the Ability of. (A).

Full-time lawyer to supplement her income This is the original version (as it was originally created). This law is currently only available in its original form. Acceptance of Attorneys` Fees Under bankruptcy regulations LSC Restrictions for Non-LSC Self-Help Centers Representation of Persons Involuntarily Detained in Psychiatric Facilities Until Criminal Charge Authority Has Been Established The Impact of Factors in 45 CFR Section 1611.5(b)(1) on Determining Income Eligibility Disclosure of Client Admission Information in Response to Subpoenas Interpretation of 45 CFR 1638 (limitation of client request) *Replaced by AO-2016-001 if working with law students can be considered in the IPA requirement *Replaced by the 2014 revision of 45 C.F.R. Part 1614 Program Integrity Plan [45 CFR Part 1610 & Part 1642] Application of 45 C.F.R. § 1610.6 on Proceedings Involving Forced Drugs, Involuntary Engagement or Voluntary Undertaking [r]egarding the Corporation`s Attorneys` Fees Regulation, 45 CFR Part 1642 [w]hether. The employee`s potential employment is an «external legal practice» or falls under the «assessments» exception. Section 1610.6(b) provides a safe haven for civil court hearings.

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